What To Wear For Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving WearWith the holidays comes the added pressure to look good. Yes, it is always fun to dress up during this time as family, friends, and relatives that you haven’t seen for a long time surround you. So, you want to look your best, not just for Instagram and family photos but for yourself too. And we have got some Thanksgiving style outfit ideas for you. Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or invited to someone’s house, these styling tips will definitely help you look your best and comfortable in this cozy winter weather. 


If it is a casual Thanksgiving dinner, then we suggest you keep it simple. Pick out a pair of khaki pants from your closet and wear it with a nice linen shirt and a blazer (cuz it’s winters!). Make sure you choose a neutral shade of pants and accessorize your outfit with black or brown footwear. If you are putting on a belt, then make sure it matches your shoe color. You can even add accessories for a little bit of ‘pop’ in your outfit. 


If you wish to dress to impress then, go a little dressy with your blingy attire this Thanksgiving. Women should think of going for a black blingy dress paired with heels and a clutch for a feminine look. While men can consider wearing an informal suit with a button-down shirt and striking shoes. You can even think of adding orange, red, brown color into your look. 


Now, if the party is formal, especially at your boss’s house then obviously you have to dress-up accordingly. Women can think of wearing a formal suit or a pencil skirt but not in black, grey or blue. Try maroon or dark red shades with a white button-down shirt and a pair of stilettos. Whereas, men can wear a formal suit in light colors like sky blue or mustard shades without a tie and pair it with brown shoes. 

So, determine whether the Thanksgiving dinner is formal, casual or gaudy, as it will give you enough time to decide on your look for Thanksgiving and get your dress ready. 

Happy Thanksgiving!